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Overview / History

BrightBox Group

Established in 2014, BrightBox was the answer to our own frustration trying to source the right talent in the software, technology and consulting industries. We focus on finding the right fit, to deliver quality resourcing solutions, which result in the best skills and the right cultural fit. We lean on our own experiences as business owners and software experts to disrupt the traditional talent models, working with clients to find creative answers that fit their needs and vision, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We continually explore new ways of delivering our services to our clients supported by mutually beneficial commercials. Our deep industry knowledge combined with decades of experience, means that we are able to appreciate our clients’ needs. Resulting in us being able to support you to deliver at your highest level: to be the brightest box.

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Employee and Client Values

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Employee Values

The power of teamwork – We think and act like one team, bonded by wit, trust and respect.

A healthy balance – Great people are defined by more than just work. We reward commitment and hard work, and provide the flexibility to lead a balanced life.

We’re all human – We encourage open and honest feedback and expect the - same from our clients. We’re all accountable, but do not tolerate a blame culture.

Go get ‘em – We’re adventurous with our ideas and make them happen. We should never be afraid to try something new.

Typically different – We value each other’s individuality, and know different perspectives make us stronger.

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Client Values

Your perspective becomes our reality – We look to the future with our customers in mind and make decisions for the good of their businesses.

Innovate to endure – We believe in innovation, it keeps us sharp, creative and enthusiastic. We nurture inventive ideas and fresh thinking.

A loyal other half – We build lasting partnerships with our clients, committing to the future, together.

Crack the tough nuts – We solve difficult problems. Our technology and original thinking handle the most intricate of industry challenges.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Some of the BrightBox Team...

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Martin Smith

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Elen Jones

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Stuart Houghton

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Michael Gent

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Mortimer Marshall

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Mia Wright

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Andrew Saich

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Arif Ali

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Catherine Brady

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Ian Westcott

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Alice Ryder

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Stuart Dixon


Gurminder Panesar