Meet the team - Sarah Bostock

Meet the team, Sarah Bostock, Business Development Manager

Sarah Bostock
Business Development Manager

What’s your backstory?

Between 2005 and earlier in 2021 I worked in the recruitment/workforce solutions industry, all technology roles, covering both a mix of public sector and private sector.

I started as a Consultant, and then built a sizeable delivery from scratch before finally moving into a Regional Sales Manager for the North of England.

I had a career change earlier in 2021 after qualifying as a transformational coach and spent six months coaching women on confidence improvement and delivering corporate training on growth mindset and overcoming Imposter Syndrome.

What is the key focus of your role at BrightBox?

I've joined BrightBox as a Business Development Manager and I'll be responsible for leading strategic partnerships with new clients who are looking to enhance their technology capability through creative resource solutions. I'll be responsible for creating and nurturing new client relationships and solution design.

What attracted you to BrightBox?

My key takeaway from my very first meeting with BrightBox was the phrase "we do things differently" - and this is exactly what I was looking for.

The needs of businesses are changing: as the pace of technology change has increased exponentially, so have the challenges that businesses face with attracting and retaining the resource they need to deliver their technology objectives - not only are we seeing this in the UK, it's a global problem too.

BrightBox can demonstrate how they've helped businesses to overcome this problem by working in a true strategic partnership with these businesses - to use their pedigree in both fintech start-up and management consulting industries to challenge traditional ways of tackling technology resourcing so that businesses can start up, scale up and digitally transform with ease.

I was also very drawn to the culture of the business, they operate in a very agile and responsive way that not only helps their clients, it's great for staff development and engagement too.

The BrightBox team are so welcoming, and they clearly love working in this mature, trusting and innovative culture. I'm very much looking forward to my journey with BrightBox - if the first couple of weeks are anything to go by, it's going to be great fun!

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