HMRC Digital Delivery Centres

Quote from Client

20 Jul, 2018
“BrightBox have provided us with people from day one and continue to demonstrate commitment and dedication to delivering on this transformational journey for HMRC. They react to our needs and work with the management team to ensure we continue to meet our customers’ requirements, and they continue to source skilled people that cover all of our roles.”

Peter Walsh, Digital Delivery Centre Lead, HMRC
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Brightbox Delivey

The BrightBox team have worked closely with HMRC for over 4 years now providing the skills necessary to deliver key programs such as ‘Making tax digital’ and the ‘Government Gateway’. Our role started at HMRC’s flagship digital delivery centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne before eventually expanding to support projects in Leeds, Telford, London, Southend and Worthing. Operating under both Contingent Labour and Service based models we have had over 100 members of our team on site during our time with them and continue to do so in multiple locations to this day. We have covered all aspects of an Agile Scrum focused development team from the highly technical Developers, Testers and

Architects through to Business centric BAs, Product Managers and Scrum Masters right through to more design focused User Experience, Content Design and User Research focused teams. Being highly secure government sites, we also go to great lengths to ensure security clearance and checks are completed to the highest standards.Whilst offering the technical ability to deliver high quality, reusable, digital products we have also played a large role in the upskilling of permanent members of staff and the training required to move to an Agile way of working. Our reputation has been secured over many successful years and is continually utilised by on of our largest clients to date.

Our experience with HMRC has epitomised the journey we have been on over the last few years. We have worked collaboratively with them to ensure our teams deliver the quality of service a client of HMRC’s stature requires; and the continual demand for and extension of what we offer is testament to our performance. It has been a great pleasure to help them throughout their journey and to operate at the cutting edge of digital delivery in partnership with them.

Stuart Houghton, Managing Director