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Data Science Nearshore Managed Delivery Services

The BrightBox Group are an award winning Resource Consulting and Capability Partner. We come with a long history of servicing some of the most forward thinking and innovative software and technical clients across the UK and Europe, from scale-ups, to multinationals, to government agencies.

Our Data Science Services Nearshore Managed Delivery Services have been hand-built to provide both short-term and long-term resourcing solutions that support your delivery, workforce and resource capacity needs.

Our Nearshore Managed Delivery Services guarantee ultimate resource flexibility and discretion, with the option to expand or contract team capability to fit your unique schedule. We work with you on managing all onboarding and integration of flexible resource needs, while you stay focused on your clients.

BrightBox Nearshore Services Overview

  • Stand-up full teams, or top-up existing teams, to deliver across all aspects of data science.
  • 2-3 week turnaround in augmentation or reduction of talent streams.
  • Contractual frameworks outlining confidentiality.
  • Full contact with all onboarded individuals, as you would with inhouse remote employees.
  • Achieve savings of up to 50% against UK onshore rates, without compromising on quality.
  • Delivery centres based in Poland, Belarus and Turkey.
  • All teams have strong English language skills, and are aligned to UK working hours.

Representative Case for your Business

  • An experienced Data Engineer or BI Developer would cost £290/day all in.
  • These individual developers, or teams of developers, could start within 2-3 weeks.
  • Your new team is vetted before starting, and assigned to you for as long as you need.
  • In the instance your project gets pulled or paused, ramp down is 3 weeks - you are not tied into a contract.

Our Data Science Services

Complete Technology Coverage

  • Cloud – AWS, AZURE and google cloud.
  • Programming languages – R, Python, Scala, Java and many more.
  • SQL Databases – Sql Server, Oracle, elephant SQL and more.
  • Big Data – Apache Spark and Spark ML, Hadoop
  • Applications – Power BI, QlikSense, Tableau, QlikView, Sap Business objects, Looker.

Data Analytics

  • Cumulate and process large data sets.
  • Analyse streams of data and extract business value from it.
  • Transform data into knowledge, providing up- to-date information in real time.
  • Provide reliable results of data analysis that allow you to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence

  • Design and create dashboards and advanced reporting platforms for managers.
  • Implement projects that create and maintain data warehouses.
  • Provide solutions of collecting and processing data for visualisations.
  • Analyse data sources and structures, creating legible and understandable data models for analysis.

Machine Learning (ML)

  • We help you understand your customers better, create greater engagement and produce more effective campaigns.
  • Create advanced detection, prediction and recommendation systems.
  • Harness the latest accomplishments in ML and AI, so the analysis of data brings the greatest possible benefits.

Who is BrightBox?

BrightBox was established in 2014 as a response to our own frustrations with trying to source the right talent in the software, technology, and consulting sectors. Created initially as an exclusive delivery function for Fintech organisation Planixs to support their technical and functional needs, both onshore and nearshore, we developed the necessary functionality to expand into a fully fledged Resource Consulting and Capability Partner.

We are now using this knowledge and experience to support our growing client base every step of their digital journey. We focus on building intimate and trusted long-term relationships with our clients and associates, becoming an extension of their businesses, and delivering quality resourcing solutions with integrity, energy, passion, and spirit.

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The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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