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Maistro partners with BrightBox to provide resource consultancy and capability sourcing services.

February 23rd 2021

BrightBox Group, a resource consulting and capability partner for scale-up to multinational companies and consultancies, across the UK and Europe, has announced that Maistro has selected BrightBox to provide them with resource consultancy on their expansion strategy and to help the Maistro team source the right capability against that sourcing strategy.

Maistro, based in the UK, is harnessing cutting-edge technology to lead the way in tail spend management. Small contracts account for about 20% of all business spending. Typically, these are business services – IT, facilities, marketing, professional services, travel, HR – procured by colleagues across a firm. Right now, all eyes are on cost management. Businesses need a better way to buy services. Often, it’s the tail spend that goes unchecked. Yet, it’s the key to significant savings and efficiencies. This is where Maistro comes in, transforming how companies buy business services, delivering control and visibility at scale.

Due to their own experiences from both corporate and scale-up environments, BrightBox were able to advise the Maistro leadership team on the roles that they should focus on sourcing. BrightBox then went to task on locating the right people that had both the technical and cultural fit for Maistro. BrightBox will continue to be Maistro’s partner in supporting them on their exciting growth journey, leveraging both onshore and nearshore assets as and when needed.

“BrightBox were able to demonstrate their value right from the start due to their unique combination of both consulting and technology start-up experiences. Stuart, Martin and the delivery team have been great to work with, providing market insight to enable to us to move to the right organisational structure for the business, and they are always on hand to answer any questions we may have, helping us to assess our role requirements and how to approach them.”, said Philip Shuldham-Leigh, CEO. “Because they have a good understanding of where we are in our journey, they were able to source excellent people quickly, taking all the hard work away from us, allowing us to focus on building out the business, safe in the knowledge that our resourcing is being handled professionally and efficiently.”

Stuart Houghton, CEO of BrightBox, commented: “It’s great to be working with Phil and the team at Maistro. Through my own experience of building a Fintech we appreciate how important it is to get the right people as the business grows, which means we are well positioned to help them navigate the roles that they need to focus on. Having done this with a number of clients, our delivery team know what to look for in the right resources. Maistro’s proposition is unique and hugely compelling, and we look forward to continuing to support Phil and the broader business as they continue to grow.”

About BrightBox:

BrightBox are a resource consulting and capability partner, delivering short-term and long-term resourcing options that support an organisation’s delivery and resource capacity needs. This can be done through nearshore, onshore or a blend of the two, to either simply expand team capability through staff augmentation, or to land teams to support broader delivery programmes.

BrightBox Contact:

Steve Andrews

Head of Business Development

Tel: 0161 298 8822


The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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