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Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore – why there’s never been a better resourcing opportunity for growing tech teams

Ask any business leader in the tech field what challenges they face in the near future and they will quote talent shortages as the biggest barrier to operational growth in 2022.

While enterprises across the world continue walking the path of rapid digitisation in the wake of the pandemic, the tools, teams and talent that drive those changes are in higher demand than ever.

While talent shortages in critical industries are sadly nothing new - in 2017 in the USA there were less than 50,000 Computer Science graduates and over 500,000 open positions. This vacancy rate now stands at over a million - it’s the global nature of the demand on tech talent which is novel, and staggering:

  • According to Natalia Mila, Chief Technology Officer at Upstream, there are predicted to be a shortfall of 400,000 tech jobs in Brazil by 2022,
  • 66% of digital leaders in Britain say that lack of talent is responsible for slower digital transformation in their organisations”,
  • In India, “the IT Industry sees the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies”.

You get the picture. The near-future won’t be plain sailing, as Forrester believes "a tech talent panic will create broad gaps until new sourcing models go mainstream”.

So when confronted with a dearth of tech talent, where do pioneers of innovative new digital products, and the drivers of our technologically-reliant future, turn to shore up the talent ranks and continue to grow? Where are these “new sourcing models”?

The answer lies in using the very global networks that have expanded as a result of improved latency, and changes to our understanding of collaborative workflows.

The answer lies in decentralising your project management and tech demands through Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore talent solutions.

BrightBox have spent years perfecting packaged workforce solutions for tech enterprises seeking flexible, on-demand talent to meet shifting demands.

As demand for skills grows, our On, Near, and Offshore solutions provide a tonic - but many companies don’t yet know, or trust, how this system works in practice.

What is Onshore talent resourcing?

  • Also known as domestic sourcing or outsourcing, Onshore resourcing is when an enterprise moves some or all of it’s processes or services to another company based in the same country.

What is Nearshore talent resourcing?

  • This form of outsourcing is where enterprises rely on services delivered from an adjacent location, for example for companies based in the USA, the definition of Nearshore are services provided from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and increasingly some South American states.

What is Offshore talent resourcing?

  • Offshore outsourcing is when an enterprise seeks services from a company based anywhere in the world outside of their region.

Why the wider tech environment is conducive to multifaceted talent streams

  • The shift to remote and hybrid workflows has been a novel introduction for industries not familiar with online processes, but Tech has been an outlier for many years in this regard, especially when it comes to building global teams of developer talent. But with an increase in pressure on tech companies to deliver services, this form of outsourcing has taken on a new dimension. The solution lies in connecting demand with supply, and doing so sustainably through understanding local, and global, skill levels and talent pools.

The bottom line

In summary, the flexibility inherent in project-based On, Near, and Offshore staff augmentation means at the proverbial drop of a hat your tech team can expand and contract to meet demand; expand into new, untapped pools of talent; and take full advantage of emerging tech talent markets and the upwardly mobile innovators within it.

The infrastructural foundations have been laid, and the world is connected - take advantage of it!


The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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