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Spotlight on ‘Nearshore’ Operations with the BrightBox Group

The BrightBox Group is a leading provider of technology and consulting services. One of their specialities (and they have a dozen) is resourcing solutions, and working together with great people lies at the heart of what they do.

As the winds of change are constantly blowing in business these days, we need to take heed of a new workforce approach, now more than ever. Shifts such as staffing and resourcing changes and cost-saving strategies require us to be more flexible and adaptable in approach.

Businesses that embrace change and innovation thrive.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it”

Thomas Edison

Shifting to outsourcing resources...

This concept actually dates back to the 80’s, gaining more popularity in the 90’s and today – with technology being able to fully support different geographical location, past remote working barriers cease to exist.

Outsourcing is critical to operations. Recruiting top tier talent near or far is not only proving highly effective for businesses, but it is also lowering the costs of operations with little or no compromise on getting the job done.

Nearshore, Onshore, Offshore – which is the ‘right’ shore? The BrightBox Group gives you perspective...

Overall, out of this trio of ‘shores’ the most advantageous is NEARSHORE, for a number of reasons.

Leadership are able to make, overall, more potent decisions that add value to the business. It also allows ‘in-house’ human resource to work on vital business strategies and essential core tasks and functions.

The BrightBox Group delivers both onshore and nearshore expanses of resource and team capabilities - with nearshore outsourcing being the best solution to sourcing talent, offering a number of valuable merits, in their professional option.

These notable merits include:

Enabling companies to master their strengths and outsource their weaknesses.

Reducing the cost in expensive areas or time consuming areas of business so as to increase efficiency and value.

Allowing companies to develop quickly and smartly and to become better established and more renowned.

Furthermore, delivery teams may be outsourced but management teams are on home ground which makes for good ‘security’ for business, with quality assurance and minimal oversight.

Nearshore outsource optimising: the BrightBox difference...

Make no mistake, The BrightBox Group whole-heartedly invest time and energy getting to know all their clients. Your partnership with them is a true extension of your business and thus positions them as intrinsically linked to your success.

Their nearshore outsourcing concept has a set of adaptable cost-effective services that they will match up with your business demands: acquiring the best talent, along with their associate network and with the help of their Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) framework. They work in a collaborate way, as an extension to your HR business unit.

Focussing on the benefits and practicalities of nearshore outsourcing, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best choice for sourcing talent:

  • Minimal delays – with communication being key and time being invaluable there are minimal to no delays with the work timeline due to similar time zones and similar working schedules.
  • Virtual meetings are easy to organise based on similarities to the working week and time frames.
  • Nearer geographical regions (unlike ‘offshore’ outsourcing) and face-to-face meetings, often overlooked, are still feasible.
  • Team collaboration between internal staff and outsourced staff is easier, so too, integration and engagement. In turn, this enables enriched, expert guidance with the task at hand, for the business.
  • Costs are kept under control: lower HR costs (than onshore) don’t just add value to the team, with a multi-national staff at your service, also adds value to money.
  • Rest assured, infrastructure within nearshore recruiting destinations is almost always at an acceptable, high level.
  • Talent acquisition and quality and consistency of software and code qualifications are always considered as key.

Finding and deciding on a reliable outsourcing partner is the most important consideration of all.

“BrightBox Group have three near-shore partners based in Poland, Belarus and Greece. Our teams are sourced from world-class technology universities and are a part of organisations that are dedicated to client success, and that fit with our BrightBox ethos. English is a second language and they work to UK time zones. These teams have been working hand in glove with clients across the main industries and sectors. Communication between these partners and our clients remains strong and our clients have seen continuity of productivity since the onset of the Pandemic. They consistently demonstrate a desire to deliver and succeed in doing so. They are a shining example that optimised cost does not mean lower quality.”

Michael Gent, BrightBox Group.

Bringing consulting, talent recruitment, software and technology together. Specialising in nearshore, onshore, workforce, resourcing, startups, high growth and managed delivery... you can depend on The BrightBox Group as your trusted service delivery partner in software development.

The BrightBox Group will have your back so you can get on with business.

Will you be The BrightBox Group’s next collaborative success story?

Onshore and nearshore working together.

Martin Smith - Operations Director BrightBox Group

The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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