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Who are BankiFi?

Their model of financial services product and software support consists of a data-driven distributed banking model that allows financial service providers to manage, consume, distribute and monetise data through a suite of API-driven microservices.

BankiFi and their solutions are offered as a managed service that can run either in a private or public cloud, delivered through remote and/or on-premise teams to suit the changing nature of COVID-safe working regulations across different countries and continents.

BankiFi combines the core strength of the bank – customer relationships and a regulated environment – with the fast, agile development skills of a robust FinTech partner.

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How are BankiFi innovating in the Open Banking space?

Their set of consumable services has been designed so as to store as little data as possible outside the bank environment, but still leverage and integrate what they call “embedded finance” - the ability of banks to parallel and mirror what smaller, innovative, agile payment services and financial services are doing through bespoke software implementation and, increasingly, API integration.

This is one part of their overall goal of creating unique banking ecosystems where every financial decision or interaction a banking customer needs is contained within a single bank’s platform, improving user advocacy, interactivity, banking services use, user efficiencies, and overall revenue.

BankiFi offers financial institutions a consent-centric platform with business and corporate solutions that enables bank operators to go ‘beyond an open experience’ promise with relevant offerings to their client base in terms of time, location and context.

BrightBox Project Summary

➔ After a rigorous selection process, BankiFi chose to partner with BrightBox to utilise their nearshore service for staff augmentation across React Native and DevOps.

➔ As the partnership continues to develop, BrightBox are also working together on talent acquisition to help increase BankiFi’s senior leadership and development teams in Manchester, which will complement BankiFi’s long term growth strategy.

➔ BankiFi have recently opened two new offices - in Singapore and Australia - which will provide a springboard for new customers, and they are slated to grow their team by at least a third in the coming year.

"We are excited to be working with BankiFi through both our nearshore and onshore delivery services. Having been a part of a FinTech myself with Planixs, I know how important it is to have the confidence in a resourcing partner to deliver as and when needed. We go beyond what is expected, bringing to life our network, and enabling access to wider knowledge capital and thought leadership. We look forward to supporting BankiFi on what is a really exciting journey for them.”

Stuart Houghton - CEO, BrightBox Group

“We are delighted to have selected BrightBox and the team as our resourcing partner for what is a critical time for us as we continue to grow and scale. The BrightBox team have invested a lot of time and effort to get to know us and it feels like they are an extension to our business. They have done a great job in landing nearshore capacity and continue to support us across a number of early-stage initiatives and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Kirk Winstanley, COO, BankiFi

The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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