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Who are Capgemini?

Capgemini are a highly regarded tech and IT consultancy house, who’s passion for technical innovation is underpinned by a human-centric appreciation of the vital role ethics and sustainability play in the future of our digital world: “Capgemini has a key role to play in ensuring that the future lives up to all its promises. We believe that all technologies can enable progress for everyone if, first and foremost, they are designed by and for humans”.

They are first and foremost a massive firm, with 290,000 staff members in nearly 50 countries. Their primary business - cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, digital engineering and platforms - garnered global revenue of $16 billion in 2020.

Capgemini provide 4 main services to their global client base - Consulting Services (Capgemini Invent), Technology Services, Outsourcing Services (including BPO), and Local Professional Services (Sogeti).


BrightBox Project Summary

➔ Due to the technical expertise our teams possess, and aided by our own backgrounds in the consulting space, our partnership with Capgemini has flourished over the last year.

➔ We have worked with Capgemini to provide a range of services, from Scala Development through to product ownership and infrastructure leadership, right through to content creation.

➔ What was clear from the start is that our work not only impacts our relationship with our tech consultancy team at Capgemini, but also their relationship with their clients. The pressure is most certainly on us to deliver a high quality, technically superb and transparent service, which to date we have achieved.

➔ We have established, global terms signed, and our collaboration with this well regarded, innovative consultancy house is primed to expand into 2021.

The Big Questions Around The Big Decisions: Your Guide To Selecting The Right Technology And Dev Resourcing Partner

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