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Why BrightBox

We’ve been there, built businesses and understand the experience required and the expectation of an amazing service.

We’re not your average resource partner. With as much interest in your long-term growth and understanding your organisational objectives, as well as your initial requirement, we’re a trusted partner to our clients.


Business Needs: What do you want to do and what do you have?

• Your roadmap & control
• Your teams & capability
• Your methods & working practices


Sourcing Strategy: What sourcing strategy fits your requirements?

• Sourcing model – Nearshore, offshore and onshore
• Sourcing location
• Sourcing commercials


Sourcing prerequisites: What do your sourcing partners need to have?

• Technical specialisation
• Industry experience
• Level & availability


Partner Relationship: How do your sourcing partners work?

• Relationship
• Contracts
• Pricing

An approach to sourcing technology resource: onshore, nearshore and offshore

Supporting tech organisations, tech leaders and hiring teams a new way of working in a post-Covid environment.

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