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Delivery of onshore and nearshore resourcing and projects

BrightBox for Investment

Investing in tech companies can produce stunning returns. It can equally produce returns that are anything but. The success of any such enterprise depends on the people in it and the standard of the solutions they’re developing.

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Support alone though, is not enough.

BrightBox specialise in sourcing the talent that can both assess software quality and be moved into positions to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We have the network and we have the know-how to locate resource that can hit the ground running, expedite corporate growth, and quickly begin delivering measurable ROI.

Benefits of our Managed Delivery Services...

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Fast access to our highly experienced technical teams

Delivery 2x

Peace of mind - We are vested in successful delivery.

Skills Capability 2x

Services tailored to suit your business

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Experienced operating under a range of commercial frameworks

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Security vetting and checks handled for you

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Frequent site visits to keep strong relationships

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UK account manager

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Matched working hours

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Cost Effective

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Outstanding technical and consulting skills

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Culture and language matched to your business

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Greater efficiency

"The BrightBox team have invested a lot of time and effort to get to know us and it feels like they are an extension to our business."

- Kirk Winstanley, COO, Bankify

The BrightBox Difference...

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Contact - Frequent site visits to maintain strong relationships.

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Pricing - Predictable and competitive.

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Mobilisation - With a dedicated associates management team, we can generally support you within days.

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Experience - Associates and nearshore specialists have a minimum of 5+ years’ experience.

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Intellectual Property - Any deliverables created as part of an engagement are yours and will remain yours.

“BrightBox have been instrumental in our business growth."

- Neville Roberts, CEO, Planixs GRP Limited

Case Study

Bright Box BFI

BankiFi offers financial institutions a consent centric platform with business and corporate solutions that enables the banks to go ‘beyond an open experience’ promise with relevant offerings to their client base in terms of time, location and context. BankiFi consists of a data-driven distributed banking model that allows financial service providers to manage, consume, distribute and monetise data through a suite of API driven micro services. BankiFi chose to partner with BrightBox to utilise their Nearshore service for staff augmentation across React Native and DevOps.

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Planixs are an award winning, industry leading, FinTech business focused on cash and liquidity management for financial institutions. BrightBox Group have been an integral part of Planixs’ growth over the past four years providing strategic hires throughout the company at various levels. Over the course of the last 2 years BrightBox have helped Planixs double in its staff numbers.

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Bright Box Sia Partners 1
Sia Partners

Sia Partners is a next-generation consulting firm focused on delivering superior value and tangible results to its clients as they navigate the digital revolution. Sia Partners has chosen to work with BrightBox to leverage their Associate's services to support demand fulfillment across a number of their UK business units.

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