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Managed Delivery Services

We take on the responsibility of managing a pool of associates and BrightBox talent to provide you with the delivery capacity as and when you need it.

We can build both onshore and nearshore teams to meet the skills you need to deliver. We can ramp up and ramp down quickly to minimise risk and cost.

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Workforce Management

Workforce is a resource modelling solution that enables organisations to make confident strategic resourcing decisions using forecasting and scenario modelling in a cloud based SaaS application.

Effective workforce planning goes beyond simply forecasting headcount, it’s about ensuring that you have the right size workforce, with the right skills, the right structure, in the right locations, for the right cost.

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Talent Acquisition

BrightBox Talent Acquisition covers three core areas for our clients; Permanent recruitment, Contract provision and Resource Process Outsourcing.

All of which are tailored to your specific requirements and can easily scale and flex based on current and future need.

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