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Fast-Growth Tech-Enabled Firms

Start-up and fast-growth tech-enabled companies such as those operating in eCommerce and FinTech are enjoying something of a boom period. However, they are not without their own challenges.

Niche requirements must be acted on quickly and the digital environments in which they function are always changing. Also, despite mostly using attractive hybrid working models, resourcing teams – where they even exist – rarely have the expertise to bring in the right skillsets.

With a set of specialisms refined over many years, BrightBox has the agility to source the talent you need, when you need it.

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Why BrightBox?

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Predictable and competitive pricing allows you to manage budgets

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Intellectual Property

Deliverables created during an engagement are yours and will remain yours

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With a dedicated associates management team, we can generally support you within days

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Fast access to our highly experienced technical teams

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Services tailored to suit your business

An approach to sourcing technology resource: onshore, nearshore and offshore

Supporting tech organisations, tech leaders and hiring teams a new way of working in a post-Covid environment.

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