Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce results in a 4%-10% reduction in the cost of your workforce and up to 50% reduction of the cost of resource planning

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Effective workforce planning goes beyond simply forecasting headcount, it’s about ensuring that you have the right size workforce, with the right skills, the right structure, in the right locations, for the right cost.

Workforce planning can be a challenging and expensive process particularly as
changes occur dynamically across the business. To solve this problem BrightBox
have developed Workforce - a resource modelling solution that enables organisations to make confident strategic resourcing decisions using forecasting, modelling and planning tools in a cloud-based application. This enables our clients to clearly understand their resourcing needs and how changes in their talent supply chain will affect cost and delivery.

A strategic workforce plan is crucial in informing good business decisions that enable you to save cost and optimise your delivery however it is extremely difficult to maintain a view of supply, demand and cost across an entire organisation whilst changes occur dynamically within the business.

Managing this process can be a daunting task whether you’re bringing data
together from an array of existing applications or building your data from scratch. The BrightBox Workforce solution enables users to start simple and improve their process over time or integrate with existing systems to immediately realise the
benefits of a mature planning process.

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Making tactical and strategic decisions with real-time data and a consolidated view of the world is key to optimising your workforce.

Understanding how to resource your business effectively requires awareness
of the impact of multiple scenarios and the ability to model changes quickly to
determine the best outcome.

Our Workforce modelling tool provides organisations with the clarity of planning
multiple scenarios simultaneously and enables users to apply changes at both a
macro and micro level. This gives organisations the ability to make confident
resourcing decisions which results in the best use of their existing capabilities.

Make confident strategic resourcing decisions...

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Reduce Costs

• Reduce your dependency on contingent labour
• Make more effective use of your existing resource pool and skill sets
• Lower the cost of your planning process
• Drive better commercials with 3rd parties with long range demand forecasting

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Save Time

• React faster by using live data
• User configurable reports quickly and easily produce your required outputs
• Use flexible data entry to quickly aggregate multiple data sources
• Optimise your lead time to source resources through confident forecasting

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Improve Outcomes

• Identify and react to changing business demand
• Uplift margins through improved utilisation
• Identify training needs and skills needed to meet future
• Model multiple scenarios to identify the best resource outcome

Capture, analyse and model changes in your workflow supply chain against known constraints and demands

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Supply & Demand Forecasting

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Resource Management

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Resource Sourcing Strategy

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Skills Capability

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Labour & Demand Cost Analysis

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Automation Analytics

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Collaborative Platform

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Scenario Modelling

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Strategic & Tactical Data

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